Yoga for Detox & Digestion (23 minutes)

Wake your inside up and get back on the right track with this flowing, twisting yoga sequence. It’s challenging enough to get your blood pumping so don’t forget the most important detoxifying and calming tool you have… your breath! 

Enjoy :) 

Sarah Beth Yoga

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Happy New Year Yogis! 

Kick off 2014 with a detoxifying fun flow. Anyone have any yoga resolutions this year? 

Someone once told me that human beings have three dimensions: how you see yourself, how others see you, and how you want others to see you. The closer the distance between the three dimensions, the more at peace you are and the more stable you become.
Marwa Rakha (The Poison Tree)

(Source: psych-facts)

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I am really going to keep up with my Tumblr. I need accountability and healthiness. 

If you follow me, I am going to post healthy workout tips daily, healthy eating, yoga, running, maybe some personal things, and everything in between. 

I look forward to 2014, and all that it may bring! 

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